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December 23th, 2007
Hello for the last time this year, and happy Lemmy-mas everybody! It's been a good year and it's been a bad year, don't know which it was more. Once again I've been about to quit the whole damn thing for several reasons. Tape prices increased, tape quality decreased (20% of my last tape order were unusable), unability to get the stuff out before the deadlines and so on. Anyway, I chose to take the rest of the year off and start worrying again in January. Hopefully 2008 will be a better year than this, release-wise and otherwise too.
Meanwhile I'm trying to order some new stuff for my distro and planning some new ways to get myself interested of this business again and to rescue the whole label.
Have a nice one and take care.


August 28th, 2007
So much for the summer then. Listen to me, kids: Never work on summer.
I have done some updates, mostly by updating the newest releases and putting the infopages and mp3's for them online. Check them out. One new thing was also including the approximate release dates (well okay, months... or seasons) on the releases-page.
Yesterday I got my copies of the new Melena-cd. It's the first long play album I've ever played on, so it was somehow quite neat thing to have in my hands. Maybe I should give it a listen someday too. We've been also looking for a label to put it out on vinyl too, so anyone with tons of cash give us a call.
I'm trying to update the distro-list in a few days, as there's lots of new stuff waiting to be added on the list, but meanwhile check out my new releases and buy some too.
It's autumn again, so wear warm and don't forget your umbrella. School bullies must die.

BLACK SABBATH: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
JUDAS PRIEST: Stained Class
NEIL YOUNG: After The Goldrush
radio - unfortunately

July 14th, 2007
Well hey! How are you doing?
I finally got two new releases out, feeling quite happy about them. And about the forthcoming tapes too, at least as soon as I'll get the cover art done (graphic and layout experts who will work for free wanted!). Something that I'm not as happy about, is that the prices for the empty tapes has gone up a bit. I found it out when I did the newest order for them. I probably have to start looking for cheaper ones (but hopefully not with worse quality). Anyway at the moment this will have an effect on my own sale prices too. Sorry about that. I have no intention to rip you off, it's them who do.
The next releases that should be out soon are a live tape from last august's Hahmotushäiriö release party, a 7"ep from Jyrki Nissinen, a "greatest hits" collection from JP Jakonen (including the long sold out Cliff Barnes 7"ep and other rarities too) and some other very special stuff. More information about them as soon as I get something more done.
Also the distro page will go through some changes, I have lots of new stuff for your pleasure. Wait and see! Scratch and sniff!

BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Secret Treaties

March 23th, 2007
Busy as heck! Vastavirta record fair is tomorrow, so I've been very busy working with the new releases. There's going to be FOUR tapes out, so I've had lots of things to do with them. No sleep 'til tomorrow.
In a few weeks I'm leaving for a tour (actually two of them!), so I won't be home for two weeks. That means no one will be here mailing stuff or answering your emails or anything. Anyway I'm trying to carry at least some kind of a distro with me.
Now I'm off to make some more tapes for tomorrow. Just dropped by to update the page. I hope to see you tomorrow. Take care anyway.

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND: first three albums + Live at Abbey Road, December 1969
VALSE TRISTE: Kulutusjuhlat

March 9th, 2007
Oh my, it's March already! Although it means it's springtime soon again, it also means it's time to get old.
The first releases of the year 2007 should be out during the next few weeks. The first one to be released is a new tape by Vesa Vahtera, including six great new songs. Then there's going to be a tape from the band Aortaorta, including the first two 10"ep's. This tape will be the first pro-copied Shitsuck tape ever, and it should be released on the forthcoming Vastavirta record fair on March 24th.
During the spring 2007 there will be also tapes out from The Fury... Heat!, JP Jakonen, Fuck Ups and many more, so it's going to be one heck of a spring for Shitsuck!
There's a bunch of new stuff in the distro too and more to come. Check them out.
I also sold my soul to myspace. You can check the page out at http://www.myspace.com/shitsucktapes. I guess that's all this time. More news soon, I think.

CHEAP TRICK: At Budokan - The Complete Concert
LOVE: the first three albums

January 20th, 2007
Well hey! Uncle AK is back again. It's a brand new year and the same old face. The tour went well and all the other thingies too. Didn't want to come back home at all, but here I am now and it's time to start the tape business again. Lots of things to do this year, so better start now.
One of the first things to do this year is to compile a tape with acoustic performances all around the world. If you're a singer/songwriter and have some nice tunes taped with an acoustic guitar (a piano is fine too), get in touch!
Umm, what else... A few new items in the distro list. I should get more soon, at least I'm trying.
It seems we finally got the winter. Keep warm and get your vitamins!

MICHAEL CHAPMAN: Fully Qualified Survivor
DINOSAUR JR.: You're Living All Over Me
URGE OVERKILL: Exit The Dragon
THE SMALL FACES: s/t (the Immediate album)
plus some GRATEFUL DEAD live stuff, as always

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