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December 5th, 2006
Hello, kiddies. And goodbye. It's time for me to leave for the rest of the year. First some touring in Switzerland with Aortaorta, then some love in London, and after that it's the X-mess time already. The Shitsuck shop will open again in January, also some new new tapes should be released early next year.
So, until then take care. Have a nice X-mess and even neater new year.

Oh, and two more things: Out Of Tune totally kicks ass! And: Sami, olipa kiva nähdä jälleen kerran. Se sun nimi-idea oli paljon parempi kuin mikään minkä olisin itse keksinyt, eli pidä se! Levyä mulle distroon jahka ilmestyy. Parhainta jatkoa Posiolle!

CIRCLE: Miljard
AMAZING TAILS: Daydreams For Adults
BUFFALO: Volcanic Rock

November 9th, 2006
Busy as heck! I've been spending a last few weeks making tons of copies of the new and older tapes for the next saturday's record fair at Vastavirta-Klubi. As you possibly read from the front page, there will be two new tapes released that day, which are the Väärät Vieraat tape and the Garden Of Worm tape. Besides them I've tried to make (more than) enough copies of all previous releases that are still available. So, if you want tapes, you've got them.
There are some new items in distro, and now there's also some nice buttons for sale. I hope you'll check them out (and let the whole world know how much you love Shitsuck)!
Anyway, now I'm off to copy more tapes for you, you little wombats! Stay nice and wear warm.

No time to listen to anything at the moment. I sure would like to listen to Rust In Peace by Megadeth at the moment. The first two albums by Hanoi Rocks would be nice too. Maybe next week.

September 21st, 2006
Some neat updates while waiting for the new releases.
First: The sold out Russian Vitamins / Eddie Edwards split tape is now available in mp3 format. Feel free to download and annoy your neighbors.
Next: A bunch of new tapes in distro, Anal Thunder tape back in stock. You don't have to say you love me, just buy some stuff.
Finally: The cover art for the forthcoming Väärät Vieraat tape can be seen now on the feature page. The tape should be also out quite soon. It's Late But It's Still Good Tapes & Stuff.

JUDAS PRIEST: Stained Class
JUDAS PRIEST: Killing Machine
JUDAS PRIEST: British Steel
JUDAS PRIEST: Screaming For Vengeance
JUDAS PRIEST: Defenders Of The Faith

September 3rd, 2006
The summer's almost gone and the strange days have found us. All the travelling and other fun stuff is over for a while and it's time to concentrate for the tape business again. I did some minor updatings on this page, added some information about the forthcoming tapes and removed some sold-out items from the distro list and stuff like that. There will be some new distro items soon too, from now on they will be marked with this *NEW* text, just to make your eyes burn.
Yesterday I received the songs for the forthcoming Garden Of Worm tape and it blew my mind. Stay tuned to be doomed. Other new and planned releases look really nice too. I have a few nice compilations on my mind, and lots of other things too. For a while I'm happy again to do this thing.
Now I'm off to get another cup of coffee and then it's time to do some more updatings and other shitty sucky stuff. And by the way, thanks for all to my friends for being my friend. You rule.

THE REPLACEMENTS: Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash & Stink

July 24th, 2006
Goodness gracious, what a day! The good news of the day are that the Fuck Ups 7" is out, finally. The records were delivered to me this morning 10 am. They look good, sound good, smell good. Later in the evening I went to deliver the half of the edition of the record for the band, for which I had to take a bus to the other side of the town. So I went out with this huge box of vinyl records (250 copies of a seven incher, imagine the weight and remember I'm not the world's most athletic uncle) and suddenly the pouring rain took me by surprise. While walking something like 500 meters to the bus stop all my clothes got soaked. Luckily enough the vinyl records did not. Anyway, the main thing is that this fine great lovely piece of a vinyl is finally out.
The great great Puntala Rock is next weekend. I've been copying tapes like a maniac, two separate recording decks in two rooms are making tapes all the time when I'm awake. (I had a panic moment something like an hour ago as other of my two recording decks broke down. It just jammed and all it did was a horrible mechanical noise. So I had to open it and though I had no idea of what was broken I managed to fix it. Goddammit!) If I get lucky I might get a few tapes sold there, you know. Melena is also going to play there on saturday and the lovely Valium Kiharat will play on friday. I believe some ass is going to be kicked.
The other news? Umm, I think there are no other news at the moment. Busy as hell with my tapes and bandstuff. Check this page out later for more busyness.

THE GRATEFUL DEAD: various live tapes from 1968-1971
KYUSS: Welcome To The Sky Valley

June 19th, 2006
Good news, everybody! The self-titled tape by Transcendental Delta Band is out. They play 28 minutes of some great psycho-sonic audio attacks. (No, I still don't know how to describe their music.) I (almost accidentally) heard their music a few weeks ago and asked them immediately if I could put out a tape from them. The deal was made and the tape is out now. A quick one, ain't it?
The other forthcomers are still on their way. Patience, please.

THE GRATEFUL DEAD: various live tapes from 1966-1969 (yeah man, it's something like a million hours of Dark Star!)

June 6th, 2006
Oh well, happy Slayer day everyone! (And btw. forget the lousy remake of that Omen movie, check out the old one instead. And listen to Slayer.)
No new tapes out yet. The next cassette to pop out is a tape from Väärät Vieraat. It's their last year's long play Vieras Kirja with three bonus tracks. Tracklist and other info available very soon.
Another new item soon to be released is a 7" single from the high and mighty Fuck Ups! Nope, it's not a new ep from "The F.U.'s". These guys are one hell of a garagesurfabillyrock band from Pori, Finland. The single includes the songs "Churchroad 47" and "Desert Highway". With 45 rounds per minute and a large center hole this single is destined to be the superb gem in your jukebox till the day you die.
And as the summer is here again, Shitsuck proudly presents the ultimate soundtrack of any summer! The long ago sold out Dr. Vector tape finally fully downloadable in mp3 format! For free! Utter coolness!
I'm also planning to start the recordings for the new Flying Fishrooster Experiment stuff. A few new originals and a few cover versions just like the last time, but this time maybe more than just 10 minutes of surf-o-rama.
And lots of other evil plans are bubbling underground. Be aware, you baboons, be aware!

MAN... OR ASTRO-MAN?: Destroy All Astro-men!
DR. Z - Three Parts To My Soul

March 23rd, 2006
Hi there. It's been a quite long time again since the last one. I've been too busy doing nothing, but finally something happens and I have a real reason to speak to you.
Two tapes are out, today actually. The first one is a tape by a fine punk band Valium Kiharat ("valium curls" in english, I think), it includes their both cdr-ep's and a complete live gig as a bonus. The other one is by mr. Vesa Vahtera who offers you seven fine accoustic songs. Very fine stuff, I think.
Other news. There's a new sensation, a fabulous creation. Some fucking bozos have realised they can use other people's guestbooks for spamming now when almost all email servers offer at least some kind of a spam filter. That's something that really pisses uncle AK off. I'd like to read something that's at least personally directed for me, like "your label sucks and you do too", instead of "enlarge your cock up to three kilometers" and so on. Listen, if I don't have money to put out my own shit, I definitely am not going to buy yours! In other words: Piss off! Thank you.
The next release I'm planning is a cassette version of the cd Vieras Kirja by the band Väärät Vieraat (with some bonus tracks perhaps). It should be out pretty soon too, I hope.
Oh and by the way, happy new year. It's a good year to be alive.

HANOI ROCKS: Oriental Beat
ZZ TOP: ZZ Top's First Album
MOTÖRHEAD: No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith

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