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December 8th, 2004
Hi again. Time for a little newsflash. Dr. Vector is sold out, a repressing is possible if you want it. Visit the guestbook to let me know what do you think. There have been some discussions about a compilation tape with great italo disco stuff, including Dr. Vector and many others. You would just love that, wouldn't you?
Also the edition of Cities On Flame vol. I is running short. Or out. Or however it should be really said. Anyway I don't know where is it running to, but it seems to be moving fast. On its tiny little legs. Also some items from my distro have been sold out, but there are some new items too and more will come.
Hey, I cleaned up my place and organised all the stuff here. For example I got all the Shitsuck tape covers nicely inside my Spice Girls folder. Even Spice Girls love Shitsuck. I'm looking forward to get to release their reunion album, whenever it will come out. Anyway now it's really time to cut the crap. Sorry about the psychedelia. I'll be a bit less funny next time again. Be nice to mommy.

BLUR: Modern Life Is Rubbish
MAGMA: s/t
NEU!: the first 3 albums

November 26th, 2004
Uncle is back again. I returned from my adventures last saturday and I have been quite busy for the whole week. I've been making tapes for several trades and I'll send them next week. Also there's TWO new tapes out, check them and hear the mp3's etc. You know what to do, I believe.
I'm also going to update the distro-list soon, as soon as I get the new trades done. There'll be lots of great stuff for you.
Gee, I thought I had more things to say, but I guess I was wrong. Now my back is hurting and I should cook some food, so I have to cut the crap. Be nice, don't buy anything today (not even my tapes, order them tomorrow) and umm, stuff. Yea, stuff.

RAULI BADDING SOMERJOKI: Kaikki Laulut -box set
MANSIC: Everyday Is A Tragedy

October 30th, 2004
Hi again. It's time to write some silly crap here again, though I'm not sure does anybody ever read this. Well, it makes this a bit easier for me.
I met my friend Dave yesterday, what a great guy! He's the man from the almighty Grilled Tuna Zines, I have been trading stuff with him and he's been in Finland for a few months now. We had some coffee and had fun talking about many things including painting a house with diarrhea.
On tuesday I'm going to see Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. at Klubi, Tampere, and I'm really looking forward to it. I missed them two years ago and haven't been able to forgive it to myself ever. Now I have a second chance and I sure won't miss them this time.
Hmm, what else is new? The distro list is updated again. Find the newest items and win a hug! Oh, and the first copies of Kimeera tape should be out quite soon, probably next week, but the whole edition (btw. it's gonna be a limited edition of 80 in total, so be sure to get yours) won't be out until december. And anyway the Shitsuck mail order will be closed for some time again, as I am leaving to Savo again soon. But uncle AK will remember all of you, kiddies, don't you worry about that! And I promise you'll have lot's of goodies and neaties when I'm back. Honestly!

LOU REED: Transformer
anything by CIRCLE
WIGWAM: Tombstone Valentine

October 14th, 2004
Hi there, kiddies! Your very own uncle AK has got a flu now. A terrible one, my head hurts like ****ing **** (invent some funny 4-letter words there yourself) and so does my throat. But hey, The Flying Fishrooster Experiment -tape is finally officially out today! Isn't that just great? Now I finally get to send this surfy shit around and to hear if it's any good really. So as I did every sound on this tape myself (except for the whistle and the narration-stuff) I am very excited to hear people's opinions of this stuff. And if you visit the Shit for Sale -page, you'll find out that the Fishrooster tape is also cheap. I think you should get it, don't you think so too?
Also there's some fine progressive and psychedelic instrumental stuff coming out soon through Shitsuck from a band named Kimeera. This is their first release and it will include 40 minutes of great stuff. Should be out pretty soon, let's keep our fingers crossed (or our thumbs up here in Finland).
Now I'm going to have something warm to drink to get well soon. Talk to you later. Love ya.

THE JAM: Setting Sons
PIHASOITTAJAT: Hattukauppiaan Aamu
BOB DYLAN: Bringing It All Back Home
WIGWAM: Fairyport

September 7th, 2004
Hi again! I just updated my shitsale- and distrolist, the prices are now without postage and there's now new items added there. Feel free to make some orders.
This month there should be at least one new release, hopefully even more. The most confusing moments from a little known underground chaos folk band Vaihtoehto should be out at the end of this month. It should be something you've never heard before. Except you've heard Vaihtoehto of course. Cities on Flame (or in Bloom) with Rock And Roll II should also be out quite soon. Almost all material from the bands is here, and I have to tell you it sounds good as... well, good as some really good thing. You figure it out yourself. I will add a nice infopage of that compilation to this website soon with samples of songs and nice stuff like that.
What else is new? A tape version of demo ep by a great hardcore punk band Kansankidutus is distributed through Shitsuck exclusively. Check out their homepage and also check out the tape from my distrolist. You won't be disappointed. That's all for now, more later. Take care and enjoy your life and stuff like that.

JUDAS PRIEST: Unleashed in the East
AMON DÜÜL: Paradieswärts Düül

August 31st, 2004
Hello kiddies! Your very own uncle AK is back again, or at least making a slight return. I had a really fine trip away from all my worries visiting my friends and relatives. I also bought a new tape deck from my trip, the old one was getting a bit worn out so here's my new baby! With a little help from this beauty I will be able to present loads of fine tapes for your pleasure.
There are also certain plans for some other improvement for the whole Shitsuck thingie. I'm not able to tell anything about it yet, but I have some great plans really. I think you should stay tuned to find out more.
At the moment I feel tired so my english lacks a bit. That's why I won't bore you more with my yakkin' now. Remember to be nice to mommy and eat lots of vegetables.

JUDAS PRIEST: Sad Wings Of Destiny
MOONSPELL: Irreligious
THE MOODY BLUES: This Is The Moody Blues

August 12th, 2004
Whee! For the last few days I really have been busy as a beaver. Copying and sending tapes more than a lot. I finally got some money for tapes and postage, so I've been sending stuff for trade. I have also received tons of great new tapes for my distro. Great tapes really. I love them. Love them so much I'm going to marry these tapes! Anyway, the distrolist won't be updated for a while, because I'm leaving for some time. Read the next part for more information.
Oh, you're already here in this part that I called the next part. You're quite quick, aren't you? Yes, like I said, I'm leaving today and going back to Savo, the bellybutton of the planet earth, the heart of the universe, the universe of my heart. Yes, no words to describe it better, but I'm going there and I don't know when will I be back, if I ever will be back. Life is an adventure, you know.
But now I'm going to pack the rest of my stuff and leave. You kiddies take care until the next time we meet again. And be nice to mommy.

KAUNIIT POLIISIT: Vahingonlaukaus

plus some other records i can't remember right now

July 19th, 2004
Summer is finally here. So long, rainy days and welcome dear sunshine (but please don't burn me this time). Uncle AK has been very busy doing Shitsuck stuff. As I promised, the tape by Kauniit Poliisit was released on last thursday. They had a gig in a local bar Promo and it was kind of a release gig for the tape. And what a show they had! I haven't seen anything as insane for ages and I loved it. Of course the other bands were great too, especially Akupunktio totally kicked ass. Unfortunately I had to leave for the bus (fuck you, TKL) and I missed most of the Umpisuolix show (sorry about that, Jane). But what a great evening it was!
Now I've been spending my time making copies of all my new releases, everything is still homemade but I most probably (I sound very sure about this, don't I?) want to keep it this way. The Flying Fishrooster Experiment tape is also all mixed and just waiting for the cover art. Please check the page to hear a mp3 of one of those four songs on the tape. You will like it, I'm sure about it.
And by the way, if you are reading this or any shit on these pages, you could also sign my guestbook. It seems that the kids don't visit uncle anymore. Please leave a message there. Even if it's just "You suck, fuck off + die". Okay?

KAUNIIT POLIISIT: Vahingonlaukaus
BLACK SABBATH: Heaven And Hell
POISON IDEA: Pick Your King
V/A: This Is Boston, Not L.A.

July 7th, 2004
Zombie Tape II is out, new JP Jakonen tape is out. Get them immediately, you baboons.
I also received the bonus live material for the Kauniit Poliisit tape and now it's just waiting for the covers, then it's ready to be released. I have to say I'm looking forward for that release too! Tons of great fast tunes, nice cover art and it will also include a nice insert with lyrics both in finnish and english. Looks good, sounds good, feels good. Oh yum!
Well, that's pretty much all again. The new tapes are here, get them now!

KAUNIIT POLIISIT: Vahingonlaukaus
LOUD PIPES: The Downhill Blues
BLACK FLAG: The First Four Years

July 1st, 2004
Uncle AK's newsflash. Bleep bleep. Zombie Tape II and JP Jakonen will be out officially next week. That's a promise. Kauniit Poliisit tape will be out July 15th for their gig at Promo Rock Bar, Tampere.
We'll skip the sports and the weather this time, but stay tuned and be nice to mommy.

KAUNIIT POLIISIT: Vahingonlaukaus
IRON MAIDEN: Piece Of Mind

June 16th, 2004
Hello, I'm back again. Long time no see. I have been through some financial problems, and that's one of the reasons why Zombie Tape II is still not out. I know that the tape is something like 2 years late and I'm sore ass... oopsie, sorry as fuck, but it will be out. Soon. Honestly.
Anyway, I have been doing something a bit quicker too. Let me tell you a tiny story. Last week on monday my telephone rang. It was my dear friend JP asking would I like to put out another tape from him. Actually we had discussed about this a bit earlier, and I said of course. His wish was that the tape would be out this week for the Provinssi-rock festival, which starts the day after tomorrow. So, I said that I can handle it and on wednesday I got the 2-track tape from him. I spent the weekend mixing the stuff and now it's all ready. Now am I proud of myself or what! Anyway the official release of that tape will be a bit later this summer, but the first lucky bastards can get the tape earlier from the man himself. And all you other silly monkeys can check one great tune from this tape right here.
Other news. I am going to release a cassette version of the first full length album by Kauniit Poliisit. It will be out also on LP and CD formats by other labels. The cassette version will have some live stuff as a bonus, but more details about that later. Also the long awaited (by whom really?) tape by The Flying Fishrooster Experiment should be out before the surfing season is over.
Yes, uncle AK is really back, so stay tuned! And oh, by the way, I saw Dead Moon May 31th. It was the best gig I've ever seen. So great I don't have words to describe it. I can't even talk about it. Just had to mention it. Bye for now.

DAVID BOWIE: The Man Who Sold The World
ANGRY SAMOANS: The Unboxed Set
THE DICKIES: The Incredible Shrinking Dickies
THE QUEERS: Love Songs For The Retarded

March 19th, 2004
Hi again, kiddies. Distro-thingies are going forward. Soon there will be lots of new stuff for all of you to admire. Soon it's also time to release, finally, Zombie Tape II. Yes, I know that it has been "coming soon" for something like two years now. There's no way I can explain the delay. Shit just has happened and it sucks. But well, you can't say that it hasn't been worth the wait. 90 minutes of fast and loud hard/crust/grindcore to destroy your ears.
Also some nice buttons are coming in the near future, more information about that coming later. Now, springtime is just around the corner, fucking magical! Neat-o-rama, I'd say! Now go out you little buttscratching fartypants and enjoy the sunshine.
Yes, I think that's all this time.

NIRVANA: Incesticide
THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND: (all the stuff 1966-1970)

March 11th, 2004
Hello again, uncle's little hairballs. How have you been doing? I have been on a kinda pause from doing these Shitsuck thingies. I have mailed all the orders, but otherwise there's been a break for some personal shitty crappy thingies you don't want to know about. Anyway I've been working on The Flying Fishrooster Experiment project. I just have to mix the songs and it will be ready to be released. Four nice songs of instrumental surf rock, all played by your very own uncle AK. And it's going to be cheapo! Don't miss it or I'll be very sad.
I also updated the distro list, four new items there and more coming up soon I hope. I've been trying to find some new contacts to get more tapes for you, my little possums. Hopefully there are loads of good stuff coming up. Otherwise there's not much news at the moment. Except that I'm going to be 26 on the 13th day. Presents, vegan candies, huggies and kisses are welcome.

HAIKARA: s/t & Geafar
POISON IDEA: Feel The Darkness
SE: Pahaa Unta?
JOHN McLAUGHLIN: Extrapolation & Devotion

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