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December 7th, 2003
Oh boy! Tomorrow will be a great day that I'm looking forward to! My friend JP Jakonen is going to perform some songs on a local club (Klubi, Tampere, be there, you piggies) and I'm waiting to see and hear him play those wonderful songs. I'm also going to be there selling some tapes by JP, you know this release Songs Of Love And Rebirth which you should already have, my little possums.
At the moment there's not much other news. Be nice and behave.

DEAD MOON: Strange Pray Tell

December 5th, 2003
Well, it's December now. Watch out, uncle's tiny baboons! Satan's... I mean Santa's little helpers are watching you! Behave or there will be no presents at all.
I just wanted to let you know that I started to work on the new material for the forthcoming The Flying Fishrooster Experiment tape. It's going to be out in early 2004, at least I hope so, and it will include four fun surf instrumentals. Some of uncle's favorite puppies have already heard an older version of the song called Underwater Exotica and soon the rest of you will be also able to hear it. Though in new improved sound quality, because I want offer only the best for you! Okay, you see right through me. I'm just trying to be nice to get some presents myself. I guess I should cut the crap-o-rama.
This week I sent some stuff for trade around the world. Next week will bring even more trading action. Feels quite nice to send those neat little tapes to see the world. I hope people who will hear them will find them as enjoyable as I do. There's been also some discussion of a couple of new releases, but I don't have much information about them yet. But they're going to be something really great if everything goes the right way.
But that's all for the news. Now go to brush your teeth and give mommy a kiss.

JUDAS PRIEST: Sad Wings Of Destiny
GONG: Angel's Egg
NEW YORK DOLLS: s/t (extra special thanks to dear Jane who sold this lp to me)
MAN... OR ASTRO-MAN?: Destroy All Astro-men!
NEU!: first three albums

November 21st, 2003
I just noticed that I haven't updated the frontpage, so it has been saying "Shame 'n' Scandal and JP Jakonen coming out within few weeks" for more than a month now. Of course I had it updated here, but I didn't remember to upload it into shitsuck.cjb.net so others could see that information also. Just call me the Brain.
The first promotional copies of the new tapes have left the Shitsuck Headquarters now. Soon there will also be some trading action with these new items, so there should be some new stuff coming up for the distro. Yes, it means more tapes. If somebody wants to know will there be more vinyl in my distro in the future the answer is no, I don't think so. I'm just trying to get a lovely bunch of nice tapes there, and I think that there are plenty of vinyl distributors out there already. The tapes are the thing for me.
As this year will soon be over, I am already planning for the releases in 2004. I have some of my own projects that I'd like to have some releases out from, so there will be instrumental surf music, noisy skijumpingcore and lots of other thingies out next year. Without forgetting the forthcoming compilations Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll II & III and also the amazing stuff from Ensio J. Pesonen and Vaihtoehto.
But that seems to be all for now, just came here to say I'm still alive. Stay happy and be nice.

CHARLES MANSON: LIE - The Love And Terror Cult
MOTÖRHEAD: Overkill, Bomber, No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith

October 29th, 2003
After unexpected delay Shame 'n' Scandal and JP Jakonen are finally out! The whole thing got completed today with a little help from my friend. Thanks to mr. J for helping me out. Next week as my financial situation starts to look brighter I'm starting to send promotional copies of the tapes and ask for trades.
Besides this there's not much going on, so I won't bore you more than this. Please check out the new releases and be nice.

anything by CIRCLE

October 9th, 2003
The material for Shame 'n' Scandal and JP Jakonen tapes have arrived, and Zombie Tape II is also compiled, so these three fine items are going to be out as soon as possible! I have to say they all look very fine. Shame 'n' Scandal will be out with two different covers and it includes 5 bonus tracks. I'd call that a bargain, the best you ever had! I also received new fine items for my distro, some great fast and thrashy hardcore just the way I like it (and you should too). Please do check them out, baby don't be cruel.
Another old item was sold out this week. It was the second Shitsuck release, the first part of Zombie Tape. If I get more 70 minute tapes for a cheap price, I can do some more of them someday. Hopefully nobody will miss it for a while when the part two finally comes out.
There's been a real inferno going on in my stomach for the whole day, I'll spare you from the details and just go find some medicine. Catch you later and other thingies like that.

THE WHO: Tommy
TRAFFIC: The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys
CATHEDRAL: The Ethereal Mirror
KAAOS: Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos

September 28th, 2003
What a week this one has been! Dr. Vector is selling really good and I've been busy sending the tapes to all these nice people. This makes uncle AK very happy.
There's also another new tape coming out besides Shame 'n' Scandal. It's a tape with acoustic solo works from my friend and a bandmate JP Jakonen, who is one of the best singer-songwriters in Finland at the moment, in my opinion. Both of the tapes, SNS and JP, will be out as soon as I get all the material. So it can happen within a week. Shitsuck sure is doing fine, which makes uncle AK even more happy.
But that's all I have to say this time. More information about everything coming very soon, so keep checking the Shitsuck pages if you care.

THE GRATEFUL DEAD: Workingman's Dead

September 19th, 2003
Mamma mia! Tutti frutti!
The Dr. Vector tape is finally out! It was officially released yesterday, and already there are lots of people who have contacted me about it. It seems this tape will be sold out faster than any other release so far. I feel really glad about this!
The new Shame 'n' Scandal -demo should be also out within few weeks, and all the other stuff of which I have mentioned before. I'd better not say the same things ten times...
I've been working with the new Eddie Edwards stuff too. I've done songs for that "long play album" of which I don't know shit about who's going to put it out and in what format. Anyway it will include something like one hundred songs (or a bit less than that) and it will really suck shit big time. Check out the Russian Vitamins / Eddie Edwards splittape to know what I mean. There's still plenty of that one left.
I'm also finally planning to do this so-called "Shitsuck Newsletter" of which I have dreamed about since the spring, but as you can see from this page I'm very bad in writing anything that would make sense, so I don't know what I should put in that damn thing. But hopefully that one will be done soon. Anyway now it's time to cut the crap for this time. Don't forget to brush your teeth, you uncle's little fartypants.

URGE OVERKILL: Exit The Dragon
THE HYDROMATICS: Parts unknown
T.S.O.L.: Weathered Statues
DR. VECTOR: Made in Italy - The Best of Guillermo Blanco

September 9th, 2003
Whole lotta thingies going on. I received the material for the forthcoming Ensio J. Pesonen-tape, which won't be out for a while anyway. I checked out all the recordings done by Ensio with a little help from my friend, and we ended up with approximately 60 minutes of "something completely different".
Today I discussed about the new Shame 'n' Scandal demo with Jani of SNS and we decided that it will come out through Shitsuck, which feels really nice to me. It will be out really soon, probably at the same time as Dr. Vector which comes out as soon as the covers are ready.
Meanwhile waiting for these two tapes to come out I'll finish compiling Zombie Tape II, which should be out really soon after those two. Also I'm starting to compile and edit the Vaihtoehto-tape. As some other Shitsuck releases you have to hear it to believe it. "Something completely different" indeed.
The leaves of the trees are changing their colour, so autumn seems to be coming. Remember to wear warm.

Five fine autumn albums:
VAN MORRISON: Astral Weeks
NEIL YOUNG: After The Gold Rush
DEEP PURPLE: s/t (the third album, 1969)
NICO: Chelsea Girl

August 30th, 2003
Home again. I've never felt so good to be back home with my dear records and stuff. Oh, what a materialist scheißehead I am!
I won't talk much about my trip, but it was nice to come home as there was lots of nice mail awaiting for me. Especially all the stuff from those nice people who traded some Shitsuck-thingies. Lots of thanks!
I have to say I was pretty shocked this week when I heard that some people even read the things I write on this page. Spooky indeed.
Right now I'm waiting for the covers for Dr. Vector-tape, but soon it's time for tennis. Believe me.
Also the compilation tape Zombie Tape II will be finally out soon. It has delayed for several reasons for too long, but it's coming. Meanwhile I'm trying to do some more trades and hopefully enlarge Shitsuck distro-list, there's some new items added there so check it out if you already didn't!
Now it's time for some more coffee, so I'll see you again when there's more news about something.

SELFISH: Burning Sensation
V/A: So This Is Geekcore! (a compilation tape by KAW Tapes)

August 12th, 2003
Hello again, you uncle's little hairballs!
The work is done, the stuff for the forthcoming Shame 'n' Scandal-demo is finally recorded and mixed. Sounds good to me and you can hear some preview of it in mikseri.net, so go check it out. One of the good news is that those nice boys of Shame 'n' Scandal are putting that demo out as a cassette! So it's for sure that the tape will be found from Shitsuck Distro-list when it comes out!
I have also received the material for Dr. Vector-tape, now officially titled "Made In Italy - The Best of Guillermo Blanco". The stuff really blew my mind, can't wait to get the tape out for everyone to hear! I also revealed the final tracklist of the tape, so please check it out and admire the fine titles. Some mp3's coming later...
Today I did a preview version of a song that will appear on the forthcoming "mystery demotape" (which is a freebie for friends and nice people, have you been nice?). The song is called "Random Dreams", and you can download a preview version of it here but for limited time only! And please notice: This is NOT the final version, it's just a "closet mix"-version of the song. It doesn't have the basstrack recorded yet and the final version will also include different vocals and guitar solo. It's just a preview, and there's actually one thing I learned this week: It's not about the sound and not about the lousy singing or playing, but it's all about the song. So hear the song and nothing else.
Tomorrow I'm heading to Savo for a few weeks. After I'm back it should be time to release Dr. Vector, so be good until then. You know I'm still watching you all the time, kids.

IRON MAIDEN: the first two albums
BLACK FLAG: The First Four Years

July 24th, 2003
Some new reviews arrived today, so I added them here immediately. There's a new review of Russian Vitamins / Eddie Edwards-split and also the first review of Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll. Please do check them out.
There's also a new promising talent, a band called Surface, booked for Cities On Flame part II. I'm very glad about that, because I already know part II will be such a killer compilation.
Within the last few days I've been playing bass (and some kazoo too!) for that forthcoming fine Shame 'n' Scandal-demo of which I mentioned before. Honestly it sounds even better and better all the time, so some good stuff is coming up.
There's also a record that really blew my mind, which is highly recommened for everyone of you fuckers. The band is called Back To Normal, the CD is called Money & Health, and you can get it from Slode Headquarters. I usually don't advertise anything, but this one really is one of the best records I've heard for a long time. So get it, you silly monkeys.
But enough of my yakkin'. Catch you later.

BACK TO NORMAL: Money & Health
AMAZING TAILS: Daydreams For Adults
ATOM HEART: "Large Size, Big Noise... Upright & Skitzo"

July 18th, 2003
Hello again. I've returned from my several trips (to leave again today for the weekend). It's been a damn hot week, I'm sweating all over all the time and it's very hard to sleep. At least there's no allergic thingies at the moment, otherwise I would be dead I think.
The rehearsals and the gig went fine both, I enjoyed playing drums for a long time more than I thought. Anyway I was a bit nervous and my arms were kinda stuck for the first three songs (which we played all without a pause) but the rest of the gig was really a pleasure. Don't know about the audience but at least for me it was.
This week I've been doing some updatings for this page. Added some reviews (still waiting for reviews about Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll and Russian Vitamins / Eddie Edwards-split). I also added a new page for the forthcoming Dr. Vector-tape. Right now there's not much information yet, but the very fine, I would say turbo-cool, front cover is revealed now! Please do check it out!
Now it's time to leave again to the beautiful town of Pori, the jazz festival awaits and some nice band rehearsal-thingie too. I'll be back on sunday with more of my brand new evil plans, so better watch out!

BAD BRAINS: s/t (a.k.a. The ROIR Sessions)
COLOSSEUM: Valentyne Suite
ALICE COOPER: Love It To Death

June 29th, 2003
It's been really quiet for a while, no new reviews and no orders for a while. I've spent some time playing bass for the new Shame 'n' Scandal-demo (as a "guest star" or something like that), I have to say the new songs sound really awesome and I'm honoured to co-operate in such a fine thing. Well, the demo will include one song, called "Picking My Nose In Public", originally written by me (and originally available on "demotape november 2002" released through Shitsuck) and I also feel honoured of that they wanted to cover one of my songs.
Tomorrow I'm leaving to Ulvila to rehearsal for the forthcoming Cliff Barnes gig at Loud & Wrong-punkfestival forthcoming saturday. It'll be the first time I play drums live so I'm a bit nervous about it.
After I'm back from my trips it will be soon time for the next release, which is this wonderful Dr. Vector-tape. Besides the regular version of the tape there will be also a special limited "Swedish" edition of the tape, I'll let you know later what it's about. But whatever will come, it will be special. I won't let you down. Honestly.
Now I'm gonna pack my bags and say goodbye for a while. You kids be nice until I'm back.

GOBLIN: Roller
KISS: Hotter Than Hell
PAPRIKA KORPS: Przede Wszystkim Muzyki
MC5: Back In The USA

June 8th, 2003
After some unbelievable technical difficulties the first copies of RV/EE-split left home this week. Some were paid for and some were for reviews and thingies like that. I hope they are liked and gently caressed wherever they went. The forthcoming week I'll try to do even more "promotional work".
Also some news about the Dr. Vector tape. The stuff is getting close to being finished, and I'm really waiting to hear it. Going to be a killer!
Soon there will be also more information about forthcoming releases. There's been many plans for things to be released. A new "freebie demotape" and a comic zine for example! Keep hanging around this shitty sucky page to know more about my evil plans!

G.I.S.M.: Detestation
HÜSKER DÜ: Zen Arcade

May 31st, 2003
Smell The Glove is here (again)!
The tapes arrived so the Russian Vitamins / Eddie Edwards -splittape is finally out, and it's good! It looks good, it sounds good, it smells bad and it's such a beautiful item in every way. Makes your mother cry, honestly.
Other great things are happening, a friend of mine saved the economy of Shitsuck Tapes and Stuff yesterday by bringing me expensive thingies for free. This person will be nominated as the honorary member of Shitsuck Support Squad. AK grateful.
Otherwise things are as before. The allergic reactions just won't end, which makes me want to saw my nose off and pull my lungs out. Oh the pain!

PORTRAIT OF JOHN: a demo cdr received from a friend of mine
YES: Close To The Edge
AMORPHIS: Tales From The Thousand Lakes

May 24th, 2003
There's a dark cloud of bad karma over Shitsuck Tapes and your very own uncle AK. The delivery of the tapes delayed for a week approximately, which means that the splittape will be out in the end of the forthcoming week. Among all the other things I hate there is a thing called waiting which I hate a lot. Anyway the CDR-version is already out so please contact MIR if you want to get it. I added three more mp3's here, so go listen to them to find out that you really want to own this split!
Other news this week is the fact that the springtime is really here now, which means lots of allergic reactions for me, which means basically hell. My nose is running, my lungs hurt and I can't breathe. Dear winter, hurry back. Please do.

BLACK WIDOW: Sacrifice
ATOMIC ROOSTER: Death Walks Behind You

May 17th, 2003
All stuff for Russian Vitamins / Eddie Edwards -split is here. Masters from the both bands are in my hands, the covers are ready and so are the inserts. I can tell you pink is a very beautiful colour! The tapes should arrive on forthcoming week, so it's only matter of days when the split is out officially.
That's almost everything that is new, except for some updatings (or error correcting) on these homepages.
And me, I think I should read more books.


May 6th, 2003
Yo Adrian, I did it! (Imagine me drooling with my face beaten to look like a bloody beef and with boxing gloves on...)
New Eddie Edwards-stuff is now fully recorded, mixed and ready to be released. Only one problem came up. There was too much stuff to fit it in 15 minutes. So unfortunately the cassette version will lack Intro which was originally meant to begin Eddie Edwards' part of the split. It will be anyway included on the CDR-version released by Musically Incorrect Records. There was also one song which I left off from both versions, called Corporate Rock Core. Just didn't know where to put it. And lots of other stuff is still waiting to get released somewhere in the future, maybe all of it will pop out someday.
Btw. new information of RV/EE-split will be available soon again, so keep checking the updates. Now it's time for tea again.

JONI MITCHELL: Ladies Of The Canyon
VOIVOD: Angel Rat
KAIHORO: Second To None
AMON DÜÜL II: Tanz der Lemminge
V/A: Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll

May 4th, 2003
Cough. I've been coughing for a few days now and still feeling very ill. Lots of snot dripping from my nasal holes also, so I guess I got myself a flu.
I just did some updatings for this page, added more information about the first few releases. I need to get a scan of the cover of the Earth Today / Urine Specimen split-7" and then I can add some info about that too. I also added one mp3-song to the releases-section.
If my throat feels better tomorrow it's time to scream the last bits of the Eddie Edwards split material, which means basically one song, Senilecore. Read the lyrics later to know what it means...
Now it's time to get me a nice hot cup of tea.

Two things that blew my mind this week:
SPIEGELMAN, ART: Maus I & II (a book)
VOIVOD: Angel Rat (an album)

April 27th, 2003
Tired. Been doing stuff for Eddie Edwards, still few songs and thingies to do but things look very good already. Been doing recording and mixing this week and today I recorded two songs, other one is called Lemmy and other one is still untitled. Weird I wanted and weird it will be when it comes out.
Yesterday I went to see a gig with the bands Cause For Effect, Rotten Sound and Nasum. That was one hell of a grindfeast, just the way i like it. I also enjoyed drumming the table as DJ played Aces High by Iron Maiden...
One of the nicest news is that the first ever Shitsuck Tapes release, a demotape by Eddie Edwards, was sold out this week. Well, it took three years but finally I've got rid of that limited edition of 49 tapes (originally it should've been limited to 50, but after copying the 49th tape I couldn't take that bloody noise anymore so I decided to drop the edition into 49).
The forthcoming week should finally bring some funny stickers and other neat stuff, and even more new Eddie Edwards songs. Maybe so many of them that I can't fit them to the forthcoming split release, but anyway there's lots of unreleased stuff waiting...
But now, it's time to do something I've been dreaming about for many days now. To cut the crap.

VOIVOD: The Outer Limits
AC/DC: T.N.T. (australian)
THE DAMNED: Damned Damned Damned
V/A: Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll

April 17th, 2003
Smell The Glove is here!
Today I got the covers for Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll, so it's out NOW officially! And it sure looks good, sounds good, smells good, feels good.
Tomorrow I'm heading for the lovely town of Pori for some band rehearsals and other fun. Easter is near also, I sure will eat huge loads of mämmi. That shit sure is delicious!
Next week will bring lots of action with promoting the new compilation and sending stuff for the bands. I'm also planning some merchandise stuff, stickers for example. Besides that I'll record the last pieces of forthcoming Eddie Edwards stuff and getting ready to release that, so I think I'll have things to keep me busy.
AK hungry. Need food. AK cook.

DESCENDENTS: Milo Goes To College
V/A: Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll
SUR-RUR: Lumbago

April 13th, 2003
Hello kiddies! This is your very own uncle AK, at your service.
I've been doing updatings for this page and today I added here my personal page which will probably give you all information about me that I need you to know.
Today I'm 25 years and one month old, what an old geezer I am! Besides working my ass off for Shitsuck (yeah right) I play bass in bands Cliff Barnes and Epilogi, and have several one man bands or projects on my own of which Urine Specimen is the oldest one playing fast and short hardcore punk since 1994.
At the moment I'm really excited about the forthcoming Shitsuck releases and also looking for more stuff to release, mostly some stuff that the "ordinary" people would call "weird". Hopefully that kind of stuff is coming out very soon. Meanwhile waiting for that I will update these pages more to include more stuff about the previous releases. One thing that probably won't be updated is the appearance of these pages, plain and simple it will be. If the label is called Shitsuck what can you expect? Bright lights won't set your soul on fire in my toilet.
But hey! Enough of my yakkin'. Whaddaya say, let's boogie!

THE STRANGLERS: Rattus Norvegicus
THE JAM: Setting Sons
V/A: Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll
THE POLICE: Outlandos d'Amour & Reggatta de Blanc
DEAD KENNEDYS: Bedtime for Democracy

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