This splittape by Russian Vitamins and Eddie Edwards covers the both genres in music, Country and Western, in a beautiful way. This tape has it all. Everything. Totally.
This release was also released at the same time by Musically Incorrect Records in CDR-format (MIR#10) as Shitsuck released the cassette format. A nice insert with lyrics and stuff was also included.

As this item has been sold out long ago in both formats, Shitsuck proudly presents the whole thing in mp3 format with glorious stereocacophonic sound. Please help yourself:


1. Doktor
2. Princess Albert
3. Poo Poo
4. Minirock
5. Russian Viagra
6. Milk Poisoning
7. Nepo
8. Teenage Goth
9. Purple Eyebrows
10. Chocoball
11. Death To False Vitamins
12. Vitamin R

1. C-64
2. Lemmy
3. Robot Sentry (original by Russian Vitamins)
4. Senilecore
5. Plastic Skijumphill Disaster
6. Cossack Patrol
7. Portable Anus
8. A Vietnam Veteran Gets A Flashback In A Supermarket
9. Progcore
10. You Suck
11. Good Evening! My Name Is Rectum
12. Toiletpaper Stuck In My Shoe Blues
13. Anal Festival
14. Emocore
15. Fucking Sad (perseLintu! remix)
16. Outro

A few notes about the Eddie Edwards side:

The original cassette version didn't include Intro, it was on the CDR only.
The original versions of the songs Plastic Skijumphill Disaster, Cossack Patrol, Portable Anus, A Vietnam Veteran Gets A Flashback In A Supermarket, You Suck, Good Evening! My Name Is Rectum, Toiletpaper Stuck In My Shoe Blues and Fucking Sad can be heard on a free mp3-ep Rotten Egg Barbeque on Tulipesä website. Eddie Edwards loves Pena.

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You're late, this tape is sold out! Now try to live with it.

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