SHIT-61 - AGROMURGI: Discography -tape

Although this tape is called "Discography", it includes mostly unreleased stuff, with two demos and an unreleased ep. If you're into fast and furious as hell hardcore, you don't want to miss this!
The tape is limited to 100 copies, and is available on five (or six) different covers, all including a turbo-cool poster on the back side of the cover.

The tracklist:

1. Bottled Violence (Minor Threat)
2. Egg Raid On Mojo (Beastie Boys)
3. Robin In Hoods
4. Sell Your Mind
5. Threat
6. M.A.P.P.
7. Abiding Agony
8. Last Straw
9. Closer
10. Vuodatus

1. Curb By Curb
2. Dead Serious
3. Last Straw
4. Obsession
5. Ohjenuorat
6. One Way
7. Save Your Slavery
8. Drop Dead (Siege)
9. En Alistu (Uutuus)
10. My Rules (Void)
11. Kaljottelemaan (Kavallus)
12. Persereikä (Kavallus)
13. Threat

Get your copy from the band or HERE!

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