SHIT-59 - PETTURIN PALKKA: Kaikellaista Harmia -tape

Debut release from this new hardcore band from Tampere/Pirkkala/Oulu. Ten fast hardcore originals with male/female vocals and good lyrics plus a Consume cover song.
This tape is limited to 100 copies, so get yours while you can and look forward to their first 7"ep...

The tracklist:

1. Utopia
2. Mellakkasoppa
3. Puistopatriootti
4. Raiskattu vapaus
5. Narsisti
6. Pelkoa ja hallintaa

1. Kyyninen
2. Neuroosi
3. Aivoriihi
4. Alistajakusipää
5. The Cycle Continues (Consume)

Have I ever seen a Shitsuck release being sold out this fast!

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