SHIT-57 - TURNOFFS: s/t -tape

Turnoffs - the young hope of punk rock are here again with their tape reissued!
Personally, I have been on my toes for a few years waiting to see if I will really have the privilege to put out a tape from them and my heart sings songs of joy and praise now that the tape is finally out!

The tape itself, the green beauty, is a limited numbered edition of 60 copies. Side A includes their session from February 2007, and side B has a nice raw live recording from December 2008 with all songs sung in finnish.

Possibly younger, louder and snottier than you can take.

Update! Update! Update!

The green tape was sold out quick as hell, but the second edition is out NOW! Once again, it's limited numbered edition of 60, a red tape this time, so good luck getting yours. The cover art on this new one is the same, except looking a lot better. Also, the songs and the live bonus are the same.

Check shit for sale-page to get this tape!

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