SHIT-56 - SUR-RUR: s/t -tape

Shitsuck Tapes & Stuff proudly presents: The third Sur-Rur album in glorious cassette tape format!
The album is also available on vinyl (and you should get it too), but the tape includes two hidden bonus songs.
The cassette version was originally released in Puntala Rock 2009 in a limited "Puntala edition". Unfortunately it had wrong release number on the cover (SHIT-55 instead of SHIT-56). This error has been corrected and the copies with the wrong number are now very rare and expensive collector items!

The tracklist looks like this (hidden tracks not included, naturally):

1. Utopisti
2. Sumussa
3. Uimapuku kadoksissa
4. Muminaa
5. Neutraali neliö
6. Maapalloneulatyyny
7. Paloittelija
8. Materialisoitunut ei-konkreettinen sormus
9. Mökkihöperö

1. Pitsasota
2. Sipseihin kirjoitetut kirjeet
3. Angela
4. Vihan tunneli
5. Grillaamme omassa puutarhassa
6. Luettelo 2
7. Lopetuspuheet
8. Jarmo
9. Ex-neuvostovaltioiden itsenäistymisjärjestys

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