IF-46 / SHIT-53 - VARJO: Ensinäytös 1997 -lp

The first Shitsuck lp ever, made with love and care in warm co-operation with If Society and this wonderful post-punk/goth band itself.
What you hear on this album is their promotional tape from 1997, which is one of my personal favourite tapes ever. Originally only the 3 first songs were released on "Ensinäytös" 7"ep in 1998, the ep was handnumbered and limited to 420 copies and long sold out. Now the whole tape is finally released completely as it always should have been, with four demo/live bonus tracks, and there's no words to express how happy I am to be a part of this release.
This lp is also limited to 500 handnumbered copies, and the first 100 copies include an old promotional picture and a very psychedelic gig poster as a bonus.


Uni (3:19)
Rakkauden Jälkeen Kaikki Ovat Kuolleet (2:20)
Tunnustus (8:10)
Ikuisuus (Haavat Aukaistaan) (10:54)


Ruusut (3:58)
Uusi Tulevaisuus (2:32)
Blow Up (4:18)
Viimeinen Yö (3:40)
Heinolan Metsien Huminaa (3:57)
Sade (live) (4:15)

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