SHIT-46 / DELIC-11 / MAUSKI-02 / MYSTERYMAN-003 - THE SÖRSSELSSÖNS: The Ace Of Spedes -7"ep

More vinyl! Seven new songs from The Sörsselssöns! The first ep was sold out very quick, so here you have a new one. Don't worry, there is no such thing as musical progression to be heard, as this ep was recorded in the same sessions as the first one.
This ep is made in league with Psychedelica Records, Mauski Records and Mysteryman Records and it's an edition of 500.

Also check out the MUSIC VIDEO for the song Joskus in!!!

1. Kurjuuden maksimointi
2. Joskus
3. Rakastaja Nylkynen
4. 8 Markkaa

1. Voi rähmä
2. Kesäloma
3. Paljouden maksimointi

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