The third Shitsuck release, and the first one to have full color covers.
This release was recorded in the toilet of the apartment where I used to live in Iisalmi just the weekend before I moved away from there. I played all the instruments which were my good old guitar, my good old bass guitar and the toiletseat (as drums). Everything recorded through a distortion pedal plus finally mixed through a distortion pedal too...
The cover art is such a beauty, the infamous mystery meatpile was found from the front of the door of that same apartment when I came home one, certainly fatal for someone, evening.
Please check out mp3 of the opening track "Iisalmen basistit" (The bassists of Iisalmi) to hear some of the most philosophical things I've ever written to date, translated in english something like this: "Other boys wank until they cum / I became a bassist because I wanked too long".
The tracklist looks like this:

1. Iisalmen basistit
2. Vessassa
3. Ihminen tarvitsee Venomia
4. Iisalmi by night
5. Raketilla vittuun (instrumental)

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