SHIT-26 - BOOGDISH: When Boogdish Ruled The World -tape

The cheerful insanity of Barton & Leavitt. I'm unable to describe this stuff with any words, so listen the mp3's.

Also check out the video footage from the release party of this tape (in wmv-format, 19MB)! Finnish subtitles included too.

The tracklist with some mp3's:


1. Amber+Logan=NLUV4EVA
2. World War 3 Is Gonna Suck Ass
3. Lil' Rascal's Suicide Circle
4. I Tend To Agree With Whoever Uses The Most Distortion
5. Pert, Neil Pert

1. I Am Become God's Atomic Anti-Party Bomb
2. Kelly Who Always Vomitted Uncontrollably
3. The Ballad Of Apathetic Discharge
4. If God Didn't Want Us To Eat People, Why'd He Make Them Out Of Meat?
5. I Will Be Your Alarm
6. Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover)

This tape is out now. Check Shit For Sale-section and get yours today!

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