SHIT-1 - EDDIE EDWARDS: No haist' sääki ny jo vittuus! -demo 2000

Almost legendary first ever release by Shitsuck Tapes was this fine demotape by Eddie Edwards. Originally this was mentioned to be the only ever release by Eddie Edwards (and also the only ever release by Shitsuck), but as some people got interested of it and because it was fun the band decided to go on.
On this release all the lyrics are in finnish and mostly based on winter sports.
The tape was limited to 49 handnumbered copies. Lyric sheet was also included.
The tracklist looks like this:

Intro - Seksi vie ja suksi tuo (0:47)
1. Mäkisukset (0:31)
2. Vesisukset (1:23)
3. Murtomaasukset (0:19)
4. Minisukset (1:06)
5. Rullasukset (0:29)
6. Stiga-rattikelkan ohjaussukset (proge) (1:32)
7. Speden venesukset (0:33)
8. Sauvakävelysukset (1:02)
9. (Saatanan kalliit) Laskettelusukset (suksiboksissa mersun katolla) (0:34)
10. Jeesukset (1:24)
11. Sukset perseeseen ja mulkulla päähän (Popeda-cover) (1:32)

plus a mystical bonus track also known as "Nääs"

You're late, this item is sold out!

To celebrate Shitsuck's 10th anniversary, the whole tape is available on free downloadable mp3 pack as this very file here for a limited time.

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