SHIT-24 - SCARECROW vs. LUCIEN -splittape

A 30 minute battle between the evil and the evil. Scarecrow plays fast horrorpunk/hardcore and Lucien moves a bit on the same themes with their fast "action rock"-stylish punk rock.
The tracklist looks like this, click to hear mp3's of some tunes:


Intro - "Are U Ready?"
1. Re-Animator
2. Wizard Of Gore
3. Black Bullet
4. Zombie -Go Go Cocktail-
5. Black Cat
6. Wasted Future

1. The Holy Lord Of Rock
2. Alright
3. The Plowman Vs. The Wind
4. Gunslinger
5. Shelley & Polodori (A Cold Chill In The Air)

This tape is available, visit shit for sale-section to get yours.

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