Shitsuck Tapes & Stuff is a tiny label releasing many kinds of stuff (which means stuff that I personally like or have something to do with) mostly in cassette format.
The label Shitsuck Tapes was found in 2000, when the first release came out. It was a demotape by my own sideproject Eddie Edwards, and originally the main purpose for Shitsuck was to release mostly my own stuff but also compilation tapes. The name Shitsuck was from some kind of phrase "If it's shit it sucks" or something like that.
By the time I started the label there was an uprising fashion with bands and small labels, which were previously known as tape labels, to put up stuff as CDR because CDR became cheaper. It felt just stupid and disgusting. I've never fancied CD very much. It's a cold, boring, sterile, neutral, odourless, tasteless piece of plastic. It's not D.I.Y. and it hasn't got any personality either. People just found CDR easier to manufacture and use and forgot that a CD can't be recycled for example. When you get a tape with some really horrible shit in it at least you can tape something else in it. The bands went crazy about the new opportunities with CDR and began to "release" their first ever rehearsals on a CDR just because it was something that you can listen with a CD-player. The labels, formerly known as tape labels, began to release compilation-CDR's of all that shit from these one rehearsal wonders who thought they were funny and all this produced loads and loads of useless CDR-crap (and the piles are still growing). I'm not saying that there were no good CDR-releases, I just don't want to release unrecyclable crap. If you don't like the release at least you can do something with it. And besides I like tapes. They look nice, they fit nicely in your pocket and they are (really!) as easy to use as CD's (though being easy to operate doesn't have anything to do with music) and they don't sound bad either. Anyway any of the releases by Shitsuck aren't that hi-fidelity (which doesn't have much to do with music either) that they would require CD-quality.
So this is why the label is Shitsuck TAPES. I'm not going to put out any CD or CDR with this label. Two vinyl records have come out through Shitsuck (the first one was released together with the high and mighty United Shoebrothers, and at that point the name changed into Shitsuck Tapes & Stuff) and some more vinyl will possibly be out, depending on the cash situation.


The newest items from Shitsuck are a tape from Armageddal Age and a 7"ep from The Sörsselssöns. Stay tuned for all that stuff and more.


Well, erm, of course I release your stuff if I like it! And if you get the point that the release will be out on a TAPE and the edition will be limited.
I'm always looking for bands for compilation tapes and if there's a band I really think is original (or weird enough) and I like it I'll ask them nicely if I could release stuff from them. So please send me demos and I'll see what I can do.


Sure there is, though it's pretty tiny yet. I'd be more than glad to have some stuff by your band or label on my saleslist. It would be nice to do a trade with you, if there's something in my lists that you would like to have, and if I really love your stuff I can also buy some copies of your release to sell it through this tiny Shitsuck Distribution-thingie.

Notice: If you run a distro, I would be more than happy if you'd like to distribute my tapes! Please contact me!

I think this is all I need you to know. Get in touch if there's something you'd like to ask.
Yours sincerely, AK

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